"It is simply incredible that something that seems like such a small part can make such a big difference. The fact that eye pressure can be such a pivotal part of the management of Glaucoma, and how easy it is to obtain, leads me to believe that the iCare's Home Tonometer is the answer. To be able to take this product home and gather the information that could possibly lead to slowing the progression of your debilitating disease should be available to everyone with this problem. That's why we started this company." -Chris

"I felt Powerless"

I can't tell you how excited I am about this.  But the most nerve-wracking part of having glaucoma, to me, has been how powerless I feel.  I have no way of knowing what my pressure is on any given day.  I have no way of knowing if my drops are working, or if something I'm doing causes it to spike, or if there's some pattern I should be aware of, or if those times when my eyes feel "weird" or I have a headache are about changes in my pressure or side effects from all my procedures or something else.  It's all a complete mystery.  Until now!  So thank you so much.  I can't wait to get started.   

- E, New York

Eye Close Up

"I was so exhausted"

I was so exhausted trying to find out why my Glaucoma kept getting worse and worse with no apparent reason. I had tried so many different avenues and until the iCare Home, I finally feel like I am making some progress.

- M, Utah

"...learned a lot about my IOP..."

I have been successful in using the iCare device.  Collected data for over a week and feel good about quality and consistency.  For me, positioning on my face was the hang up.  Once I found the “sweet spot” all went well. Learned a lot about my IOP changes over the course of a full day.  Thank you very much for your help and support.

-P, Utah

"...iCare at Home technology provides one of the key missing links in the treatment of Glaucoma..."