MyEYES was founded by the collaboration of a patient, a leading glaucoma specialist and an ophthalmic technician. After seeing first hand the impact that using a home tonometry device can provide, Paul, our founder, decided to take action to help other people learn more about the ability of IOP (Eye pressure) to fluctuate over 24 hrs (sometimes even to high and dangerous levels). It has been well accepted that IOP fluctuates over a typical 24-hour day, furthermore, a single pressure check every several months at one point during the day is most likely NOT sufficient.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

The data collected over the span of a week or 2 at several time points during the the day can help to direct an individual patients' doctors to continue and or change treatment. On one hand, if the measurements collected show a serious fluctuation of their IOP the doctor is able to more quickly modify their treatment based on those measurements. On the other hand, if the measurements collected show a very normal and stable IOP, the doctor may not modify the treatments at all, but feel more confident that indeed the IOP is being controlled appropriately. All leading to slowing the patient's damaging and blinding progression of this horrible disease.


Our MyEYES team, in coordination with the patients' doctors, is dedicated to helping to collect this valuable data that will ultimately direct one very important aspect of managing your glaucomatous disease and giving YOU control of your overall eye health.